WinLoG Boring and Well Logging Software

The WinLoG version 5 extension module of StrataExplorer can be used to quickly and easily create, edit and print boring and well logs for a variety of industries. The module is a major upgrade to our very popular WinLoG version 4 program. WinLoG is used by more than 3000 firms in more than 80 countries worldwide.

Each log can contain optional headers and footers and a large number of depth related column data. The types of columns available depend on the industry and can include lithologic descriptions and symbols, well data, sample and core data, geophysical data, lab data, etc. Numerous new types of columns have been added for this version to support specific industries. In addition, the units and type of data being input is stored in the database so that it can be used for later calculations.

Industry Types

The types of data that can be displayed in the boring/well logs consists of a variety of common data and data that is specific to the industry. To display the industry specific module and cost select the industry below.

Version Comparison

The chart below shows a comparison of the types of data that can be used in WinLoG version 5 for each industry as well as the previous version 4 of WinLoG. click here.

 Data Type

Version 4

WinLoG Version 5
Environmental Geotechnical Mining Oil & Gas
Depth x x x x x
Elevation x x x x x
Lithologic Description x x x x x
Lithologic Symbol/Legend x x x x x
Text x x x x x
Interval Text x x x x x
Column of Tables x x x x
Graph x x x x x
Multiple Graphs x x x x x
Bargraph x x x x x
Geophysical x x x x x
Calculated Column x x x x
Symbol Log x x x x x
Well x x x x x
Sample/Core Number x x x x x
Sample/Core Type x x x x x
Sample/Core Symbol x x x x x
Sample/Core Lithologic Symbol x x x x x
Sample/Core Other x x x x x
Sample/Core Recovery x x x x x
Sample N-Value x x x x  
Deviation Survey x x x x x
Graph Cross-plot x x x x x
Bargraph Cross-plot x x x x x
Geophysical Cross-plot x x x x x
Core Log x x x x x
Core Photo x x x x x
USCS Classification x x x  
AASHTO Classification x x x  
Penetrometer/Torvane x x x  
% Passing 200 Sieve x x x  
% Aggregate/Gravel x x x  
% Coarse Sand x x x  
% Medium Sand x x x  
% Fine Sand x x x  
% Silt x x x  
% Clay x x x  
% Fines x x x  
Total Dissolved Solids x x x  
Moisture Content x x x  
Liquid Limit x x x  
Plastic Limit x x x  
Plasticity Index x x x  
Organic Vapour (OVA/PID) x x x  
VOC x x x  
LEL x x x  
Concentration x x x  
Dry Density   x x  
Unit Dry Weight   x x  
Shear Strength   x x  
UU Shear Strength   x x  
Failure Strain   x x  
Confining Pressure   x x  
CMT   x x  
RQD   x x  
Compressive Strength   x x  
Core Time   x x  
Core Size   x x  
Hydraulic Conductivity   x x  
Run     x  
Drive     x  
SCR     x  
TCR     x  
Flush Return     x  
Fracture Spacing     x  
Fracture Index     x  
Munsell Code     x  
Degree of Weathering     x  
Rock Hardness     x  
Point Load Strength     x  
Discontinuity Dip Angle     x  
Discontinuity Type     x  
Discontinuity Spacing     x  
% Total Sulphur     x  
Fizz Rating     x  
Neutralization Potential     x  
Assay Results     x  
Penetration Rate     x x
Lost Circulation     x x
Ore Type     x x
Slough     x x
Lost Core     x x
Cored Intervals     x x
Geophysical Log Bitmaps       x
Estimated Bitumen       x
Lab Bitumen       x
Oil Shows       x
Oil Staining       x
Porosity Grade       x
Porosity Type       x
Drill Stem Tests       x
Grain Size       x
Structures       x
Framework       x
Constituents       x
Facies       x
Fossils       x
Members       x
Sorting       x
Cementation       x
Contacts       x
Rounding       x
Sorting       x
Formation Tops       x
Diagenesis       x
Percent Cuttings       x
Multiple Geophysical Logs       x
Spontaneous Potential       x
LogSleuth       x
Dipmeter       x
Resistivity Shallow       x
Resistivity Medium       x
Resistivity Deep       x
Induction Resistivity       x
Gamma       x
Caliper       x
Sonic       x
Density       x
Conductivity       x
Neutron Porosity       x
Alteration       x
Perforations       x
H2O Injection       x
Airlift Q       x
Fractures       x



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