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GAEA is a leading provider of integrated software solutions to geoscientists and engineers. To accomplish this we are creating innovative software for resource/contaminant evaluation and visualization that leverages the common geoscience and engineering bases and synergies of a wide variety of industries. To reduce the cost of the software, many of our products have features that are customized to specific industries. So that you only pay for the features you need.


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What would you like to do? Recommended Software
Automate reception of analytical results from labs EDMS
Classify sieve data WinSieve
Collect environmental sample data in the field EDMS Field
Create boring and well logs WinLoG or WinLoG RT
Create cross-sections WinFence
Create environmental database EDMS
Create environmental site assessment reports Pocket ESA
Create fence diagrams WinFence
Create grain size analysis charts WinSieve
Create Phase I ESA reports Pocket ESA
Create Phase II ESA reports Pocket ESA
Display 3D sub-surface data StrataExplorer
Display GIS data in a project StrataExplorer
Grid and contour data SE-Map
Manage sub-surface data StrataExplorer
Model contaminant migration from landfills and buried waste POLLUTEv7 and MIGRATEv9
Model and design landfills POLLUTEv7 and MIGRATEv9
Schedule and plan environmental sampling tasks EDMS
Standardize environmental data collection and management EDMS

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