Editing Criteria Limits

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Editing Criteria Limits

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The criteria limits are the guideline limit each parameters in a regulatory limit. These can be edited by selecting Edit > Criteria Limits. The Criteria Limits form will be displayed.




At the top of the form the Regulation and Limit for that regulation can be selected. When a regulation is selected, the limits for that regulation will be updated and can be selected. After a limit has been selected the list of criteria limits below will be updated.


A new criteria limit can be added using the Add button and  the selected criteria limit can be deleted using the Remove button at the top of the list. For each criteria limit the Parameter, CAS Registry Number, Limit, and Units can be edited by clicking on them. When editing the Parameter or CAS Registry Number a list parameters or CAS Registry Numbers is displayed to select from, this list is specified in the Parameters section. When a Parameter or CAS Registry Number is selected, the corresponding CAS Registry Number or Parameter is also filled in.


If the criteria limit is for a pH parameter, the limit can be specified as a value, a range, less than a value or greater than a value. When the Limit column is selected the pH Limit Entry form will be displayed.