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Coming Soon

We will soon be releasing the new Environmental Data Management System (EDMS) module within StrataExplorer. This new module is fully integrated with the other modules, including WinLoG.

EDMS is used to schedule, record, quality control, import, report and store all of your environmental data. A wide variety of environmental data can be managed by EDMS, including; soil, rock, groundwater, surface water, solids, fluids, air, and biological data.

Featured Products


StrataExplorer is an application suite for data management and subsurface mapping. The program can be used to generate boring and well logs, cross-sections, fence diagrams, contour maps, and 3D displays.




The WinLoG extension module of StrataExplorer can be used to quickly and easily create, edit and print boring and well logs for a variety of industries. The module is a major upgrade to our very popular WinLoG version 4 program.


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