Water Content

This is used to determine the water (moisture) content of soil specimens. The specimen is dried in an oven and the loss of mass due to drying is considered to be water. The water content is calculated using the mass of water and the mass of the dry specimen. 

Wet Specimen and Tare Mass: Units: 
Dry Specimen and Tare Mass:
Tare Mass:
Water Content (%):

Dry Density

This test is used to determine the in-place dry density of natural, inorganic soils using the drive-cylinder method and the previously calculated water content. The test is not applicable for soft, highly plastic, noncohesive, saturated or other soils that are easily deformed or that may not be retained in the drive cylinder. The test is not recommended for soils with significant amounts of particles coarser than 4.75 mm (3/16 in.). Please select units before entering the data.

Wet Specimen and Cylinder Mass: Units: 
Cylinder Mass:
Cylender Length: Units: 
Cylender Diameter:
Dry Density (g/cm3): Units: 
Dry Unit Weight (kN/m3): Units: 

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