Chapter 1 Introduction

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Chapter 1 Introduction

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The EDMS Field application is a separate program that can be run on tablets and laptops to collect data and then send this data remotely to the EDMS module of the GaeaSynergy application. The field data consists of sample and station information and is transmitted as Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) files to GaeaSynergy. To use EDMS Field with the EDMS module of GaeaSynergy, the network version of GaeaSynergy must be used.


A wide variety of environmental data can be collected by EDMS Field, including; soil, rock, groundwater, surface water, solids, fluids, air, biological, and meteorological data.




Scheduling of sampling tasks or a singular or reoccurring basis.

Provide notifications of sample collection and lab analysis submittal events.

Collection and exporting of extensive environmental data,

Standardize the procedures for data collection within and across projects,

Reduce the time and effort required for data handling and reporting,

Provide a secure database system for the storage, retrieval, and backup of all project environmental data.

Fully integrated with the EDMS module within GaeaSynergy.