Populate Samples

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Populate Samples

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The Populate Samples form is used to populate the list of stations with samples for the current task date. If it is a reoccurring task the sampling date will be the next upcoming date for sample collection.




The following can be entered on this form:


Add Station Name: If this box is checked the name of the sample will start with the station name. When this box is checked the Prefix will contain "[Stn]" to represent where the station name will be placed.


Increment sample number across stations: If checked the sample number will increase across stations, otherwise it will start again with each station.


Prefix: This is the text to appear at the beginning of each sample name. The sample name is comprised of the prefix followed by the sample number. If the station name is being added to the sample number, the prefix can contain text before or after the station name.


Number of Samples/Station: This is the number of samples to generate for each station.


Starting Sample Number: This is the starting sample number.