Defaults Tab

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Defaults Tab

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The Defaults tab is used to specify directories, defaults and program options.




The following can be specified on this tab:




Database: This is the location of the main database for the program.


Password: This is the password for the main database. Normally it is blank.


Datastore: This is the location of the datastore folder.




Regulation: This is the default regulation to use when displaying lab results.


Limit: This is the default limit to use when displaying lab results.


Lab Results


Exceedence Color: Click this to select the background color for lab results that exceed the regulatory limit.


Non-detect String: This is the string to show when the lab result is non-detect.




Force Unique Lab Reference IDs: Check this to make sure that all lab reference IDs are unique.


Show toolbar button text: Check this box to show the text description on toolbar buttons.




Clear auto-login: Click this button to clear the auto-login information. The next time you login, you will be required to specify a user name and password.