Company Info Tab

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Company Info Tab

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The Company Info tab is used to specify information on the analytical laboratory.




The following can be specified on this tab:


Company: This is the name of the company.


Lab ID: This is the unique lab ID provided by GAEA Technologies.


Contact Name: This is the contact person.


Phone Number: This is the phone number for the contact person.


Country Code: This is the country calling code for the contact person. It can be selected by clicking on the Select button..


Fax Number: This is the fax number for the contact person.


Email: This is the email address of the contact person.


Street 1: This is the first line for the street address of the company.


Street 2: This is the second line for the street address.


City: This is the company' city.


State: This is the state or province of the company.


Country: This is the country of the company.


Postal Code: This is the postal or zip code for the company.