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Information Tab

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The Information tab is used to specify the general information for the lab analysis.




The following information can be specified on this tab:


Lab Reference ID: This is the lab reference ID for the lab analysis.


Project ID: This is the client's project ID. It should exactly match the project ID provided by the client.


Sample Number: This is the client's sample number. It should exactly match the sample number provided by the client.


Matrix: This is used to select the matrix of the sample. It can be either water, soil, rock, fluid, or solid.


Sequence #: Sequence numbers are used when more than one lab analysis is done on a sample.


COC #: This is the chain of custody number for the sample.


Container: This is used to specify the type of container used for the sample. The Lookup Container button can be used to lookup the recommended container, container size, and preservative for the parameter group to  be analysed. As described in the Lookup Containersection below.


Container Size: This is the size and size units of the container used for the sample.


Preservative: This is the preservative used for the sample.


Arrival Temperature: This is used to specify the arrival temperature of the sample when it arrived at the lab.


Client: This is used to select the client for the lab analysis. The client's information will then be displayed below.


Certificate of Analysis


Open: If a COA has been imported, this will open the COA.


Import: This will import a COA as a PDF into the  database. The imported COA will be sent to the client as part of the EDD.