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Before GaeaSynergy can be used, it needs to be installed on your computer. There are two types of installation, single user and network user. The installation section below will explain how to perform both types of installations.


When the application is installed it will run in demo mode until it is licensed. The method for licensing will depend upon whether it is a single user or network installation. In GaeaSynergy, the base application and modules are all licensed separately in order to provide the user with the maximum flexibility on how to configure the application. The registration section below discusses how to license GaeaSynergy and how to transfer the registration if necessary.


If you already have version 2 or 3 of StrataExplorer on your computer the data from these versions can be automatically upgraded to version 4 of GaeaSynergy as described in the upgrading section below.


The remaining sections discuss how to use the program, set preferences, update and edit lookup list data, work with units, and get technical support.