Using the License Monitor

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Using the License Monitor

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When the GaeaSynergy License Monitor is being run as a process a program icon will be displayed in the system tray. A popup menu can be displayed by right clicking on the program icon in the system tray. This menu can be used to display the network monitor form, manage licenses, manage users, show the network log, and shutdown the network monitor. Shutting down the network monitor will stop the network monitor process but will not stop the network service.


To display the license monitor form double-click on the icon or select it from the popup menu.




On the right side of the form a list of users that are currently logged into the program is displayed. And on the left side is a box displaying the network server name and port. These network properties are the ones required to be entered into the preferences of GaeaSynergy on client computers, as described in the section on linking client computers.


Below the Network Properties box are buttons for managing licenses, managing users, showing active locks (licenses being used), showing the network log, and adjusting settings. These buttons are described in the sections below.