Chapter 1 Introduction

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Chapter 1 Introduction

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WinLoG RT can be used to create boring and well logs and manage boring and well data. The program can be used on tablets, laptops and desktops that have the Windows operating system. The user interface has been specifically designed to make data collection easier on tablets and laptops. WinLoG RT can be used separately or as a field extension of the WinLoG/GaeaSynergy application.


When used separately it operates very similar to WinLoG version 4. All of the data is stored on the local device and the logs can be printed directly from the local device. WinLoG RT can be used completely independently of WinLoG and does not require any other software.


When used in conjunction with the network version of WinLoG/GaeaSynergy, WinLoG RT can act as a remote data collection device for boring and well data. The data collected in the field can be sent to the network as an Electronic Data Exchange (EDI) file. In addition, boring and well creation tasks can be automatically sent to personnel using WinLoG RT.




Scheduling of boring and well creation tasks can be generated by GaeaSynergy/WinLoG and automatically received by WinLoG RT..

Can be used in conjunction with GaeaSynergy/WinLoG or entirely independently.

Standardize the procedures for data collection within and across projects,

Reduce the time and effort required for data handling and reporting,

Provide a secure database system for the storage, retrieval, and backup of all boring and well data.

Print or save to PDF boring and well logs.

Can upload boring and well data to GaeaSynergy/WinLoG using EDI.