Access Rights Tab

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Access Rights Tab

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The Access Rights tab is used to control who can view and edit the station.  If the station was created from a task, this information is inherited from the task. In addition, these access rights are passed down to samples that are created within the station.




The following can be edited on this tab:


Restricted: Check this box to restrict access to the station, uncheck to not restrict access.


Type: This is used to control the type of access to the station. Access can be controlled by either Personnel or Privilege Level. This field not appear if the Restricted box is unchecked.


Privilege Level: If the Type is set to Privilege Level, this will be visible and is used to select the privilege level required to access the station. There are four privilege levels; administrator, power, limited, and guest. Anyone with the required or higher privilege level will be able to access the station.  


Personnel: If the Type is set to Personnel, this will be visible and is used to select the personnel that can access the station. The personnel in the list can be added and removed using the Add and Remove buttons. When the Add button is pressed the Personnel form is displayed and the personnel can be selected as described in the Personnel section below. When the Remove button is pressed the selected personnel will be removed from the list.