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Celebrating 25 years in business 

GAEA develops and distributes geoscience and engineering applications worldwide. GAEA's software has been used for 30 years by companies and organizations around the world to collect, store and visualize sub-surface data. 

Our goal is to be the leading provider of integrated software solutions to geoscientists and engineers. To accomplish this we are creating innovative software for resource/contaminant evaluation and visualization that leverages the common geoscience bases and synergies of a wide variety of industries.


GAEA has more than 3000 firms and organizations in more than 120 countries. A wide variety of professionals; such as engineers, geologists, and geophysicists use our software on a global basis. To find out more about who and where our customers are, click here.

GAEA Customers


Project Profile

Some of the projects that the software has been used on include:

• the cleanup from hurricane Katrina in New Orleans,
• the construction of New York’s 2nd Avenue Subway,
• oil sands exploration and development in Fort MacMurray.
• regulatory approvals of landfills in Canada and the U.S.,
• exploration for gold in Papua Guinea, and
• the cleanup and redevelopment after the 2004 Tsunami in the Indian Ocean.

Industry Profile

Our software has been designed to serve a wide variety of industries throughout the globe. These include:

• Environmental
• Geotechnical
• Mining
• Oil & Gas
• Quarries
• Utilities
• Water Resources
• Government
• Colleges & Universities
• Military

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