Digitization Services

GAEA Technologies can help you with your digitization and data entry needs. In addition to our high-quality software for well and boring logs, we can also help you to meet your goals by providing fast data entry and digitization services.

For more information or to obtain an estimate, please contact us at sales@gaeatech.com.

Well Log Digitization

Do you need to convert older paper, microfiche, or scanned geophysical well log records to digital format? GAEA Technologies can provide you with high quality, low cost, geophysical log digitization services. After your paper logs have been digitized the resulting standard LAS files can be imported into many popular programs including WinLoG.

The cost for digitizing a well log can be as low as $0.60 per 100 curve feet (depending on the curve feet per image). Typical wells can be digitized for between $50 and $150.

Our services include the following features:

  • a wide variety of well logs can be digitized,
  • input can be paper, microfiche, or scanned logs,
  • output to standard LAS format,
  • all or selected curves can be digitized',
  • curves can be spliced between logs for a well if required,
  • all or selected log header information is captured and stored in the LAS file.

 Well log

Well Log Image Splicing

We can splice and merge your well log images to create a single image per well.

Core Photo Splicing and Depth Correction

Do you need your images of core boxes spliced and depth corrected? We can separate the core images from the core boxes and splice them into a single depth corrected core image that can be used in software such as WinLoG and Petrel.

Core box

Seismic Digitization

We can digitize your old 2D (18 to 24 trace recording) seismic sections into SEG-Y format for use in seismic interpretation software. The input to the vectorization process are scanned images of seismic sections in TIFF, GIF, JPEG, or PNG formats. Most colour seismic sections can be accurately digitized in to SEG-Y, such as, grey scale, black to red, and red to blue.

Navigation information can be added to the SEG-Y file for easier loading. The navigation data can be supplied as X and Y values or can be digitized from seismic line maps.

Seismic section

Map Digitization

We can convert your georeferenced map images into GIS vector datasets. The vector datasets can include a variety of different layers such as; contours, faults, roads, rivers, schools, buildings, political boundaries, etc. The vector data can then be used for GIS display and analysis.

Contout map

Scout Ticket Digitization

We can digitization your scout tickets so that they can be imported into a multitude of databases.

Scout ticket

For more information or to obtain an estimate, please contact us at sales@gaeatech.com.

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