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GAEA is a leading provider of integrated software solutions to geoscientists and engineers. To accomplish this we are creating innovative software for resource/contaminant evaluation and visualization that leverages the common geoscience and engineering bases and synergies of a wide variety of industries. To reduce the cost of the software, many of our products have features that are customized to specific industries. So that you only pay for the features you need.

Below are our products, to see detailed information click on the product.
E-ASR E-ASR (Environmental Automated Standardized Reporting) has been designed to minimize the amount of time required to generate standard Environmental Site Assessment reports and to maximize the flexibility of the final report. The program is used to collect answers to pre-designed questions. The data can be collected on a Tablet, Laptop, or Desktop. These answers are then merged with a report template and a standard report is generated. The merging process allows the user to insert different responses and paragraphs into the report depending upon how a question is answered.
EDMS The Environmental Data Management System (EDMS) is used to schedule, record, quality control, import, report and store all of your environmental data. A wide variety of environmental data can be managed by EDMS, including; soil, rock, groundwater, surface water, solids, fluids, air, biological, and meteorological data.
EDMS Field The EDMS Field application is a separate program that can be run on tablets and laptops to collect environmental data and then send this data remotely to the EDMS application. The field data consists of sample and station information and is transmitted as Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) files to EDMS.
EDMS Lab EDMS Lab is a free program provided by GAEA Technologies, that can be used to enter and upload analytical results to a client's Environmental Data Management System (EDMS) application. These analytical results are uploaded to a client's database by either FTP or email as an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) file.
GaeaSynergy GaeaSynergy is an application suite for geoscientific analyses, mapping, data display and data management. It uses the synergy within the geoscientific data to effectively and efficiently fulfill the needs of several industries. The program can be used to evaluate contaminants, soil and rock properties, minerals deposits, and oil and gas deposits. It is ideal for the environmental, geotechnical, mining, oil sands, and petroleum industries.
GDMS The Geotechnical Data Management System (GDMS) integrates geotechnical testing and quality control with a laboratory information management system. GDMS is used to perform a wide variety of geotechnical tests and store the data and results in a managed database. 
MIGRATEv9 Using the MIGRATEv9 software, contaminant transport from multiple sources, either at the surface or buried, can be modeled quickly and accurately in two-dimensions.
POLLUTEv8 The POLLUTEv8 program provides fast, accurate, and comprehensive contaminant migration analysis capabilities. This program implements a one and a half dimensional solution to the advection-dispersion equation.
WinFence The WinFence cross-section extension module of GaeaSynergy can be used to quickly create detailed full color cross-sections. A wide variety of strata can be used to create cross-sections. Depending on the industry, types of strata that can be used include layers, faults, lenses, intrusions, and alteration zones (mineralization, contamination, hydrocarbons, shear strength). Very detailed and complicated stratigraphy can be represented and easily drawn.
WinLoG The WinLoG extension module of GaeaSynergy can be used to quickly and easily create, edit and print boring logs, borehole logs and well logs for a variety of industries. WinLoG is used by more than 3000 firms in more than 120 countries worldwide. Boring, borehole and well logs can contain optional headers and footers and a large variety of depth related column data. The types of columns available depend on the industry and can include lithologic descriptions and symbols, well data, sample and core data, geophysical data, lab data, etc. 
WinLoG RT WinLog RT can be used to quickly and easily create, edit and print boring and well logs for a variety of industries. It can be used on tablets, laptops and desktops that have the Windows operating system. The user interface has been specifically designed to make data collection easier on tablets and laptops.

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