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How do I register the program?

After you install the program, run it and click on Register. Then on the Registration form click on the obtain Unlock Code button. This will take you to a form on the Internet to fill out. We will send you the unlock code as soon as we receive the form.  


What is the difference between POLLUTEv7 and MIGRATEv9?

  • Windows
  • DOS
  • models advective-diffusive transport vertically through aquitard and aquifer layers and model advective transport horizontally through aquifers.
  • models advective-diffusive transport vertically and horizontally
  • models non-linear Freundlich and Langmuir sorption.
  • models linear sorption only.
  • models contaminant transport from one source only.
  • models contaminant transport from multiple sources that can start at different times.


Is there a discount for universities?

There is a discount for POLLUTEv7 and MIGRATEv9 for universities and colleges of approximately 50 percent. 


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