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GAEA often releases new versions of your favorite programs. Our mission is to improve the performance of our products through innovative, advanced technology. We want you to have customizable, easy to learn software that allows you to do what you do best!

Below are the latest versions of our software. These updates are available to all users that have a current maintenance agreement. To receive a link for an update, please contact us at The updates should only be used if the program is currently installed on your computer and will not work as a new installation.

The updates for WinLoG, WinFence, GDMS, and EDMS are included with the GaeaSynergy update.

Program Version Details
GaeaSynergy 5.02 Version Information
WinLoG RT 5.02 Version Information
EDMS Field 4.13  
EDMS Lab 4.12  
E-ASR 2.10 Version Information
POLLUTEv8 8.04 Version Information
MIGRATEv9 9.09  


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