The WinFence version 3 cross-section extension module of StrataExplorer can be used to quickly create detailed full color cross-sections. This module is a major upgrade to our very popular WinFence program. The environmental version of this module has been specifically designed for the environmental industry.

A wide variety of strata can be used to create cross-sections. Depending on the industry, types of strata that can be used include layers, faults, lenses, intrusions, and alteration zones (mineralization, contamination, hydrocarbons, shear strength). Very detailed and complicated stratigraphy can be represented and easily drawn.

Industry Types

The types of data that can be displayed consists of a variety of common data and data that is specific to the industry. The chart below shows a comparison of the features for each industry.

Feature Environmental Geotechnical Mining Oil & Gas
Contour map grid nodes displayed x x x x
Strata adjusted to grid nodes x x x x
Strata boundaries used for contour maps x x x x
Automatic strata generation x x x x
Path line can be bent or straight x x x x
Intersecting cross-sections used x x x x
Boring/well data automatically used x x x x
Wide variety of boring/well data displayed x x x x
Layers, lenses, and intrusions x x x x
Contamination zones x x    
Shear strength zones   x    
Mineralization zones     x  
Hydrocarbon zones       x
Water levels x x x x
Automatic water level generation x x x x
Unconformities     x x
Faults     x x
Multiple strata segments     x x
Deviated borings/wells     x x

Up to three columns can be displayed at the location of each borehole or well on the cross-section. The type of borehole or well data displayed in each column is specified in the style for the cross-section. The chart below shows a comparison of the types of boring and well data that can be displayed in each column in WinFence version 3 for each industry as well as the previous version 2 of WinFence.

 Data Type

Version 2

WinFence Version 3
Environmental Geotechnical Mining Oil & Gas
Lithologic Symbol x x x x x
Text x x x x x
Interval Text x x x x x
Graph x x x x x
Bargraph x x x x x
Geophysical x x x x x
Well x x x x x
Sample/Core Number x x x x x
Sample/Core Type x x x x x
Sample/Core Symbol x x x x x
Sample/Core Recovery x x x x x
Sample N-Value x x x x  
Core Photo x x x x
USCS Classification x x x  
AASHTO Classification x x x  
Penetrometer/Torvane x x x  
Total Dissolved Solids x x x  
Moisture Content x x x  
Liquid Limit x x x  
Plastic Limit x x x  
Plasticity Index x x x  
Organic Vapour (OVA/PID) x x x  
VOC x x x  
LEL x x x  
Concentration x x x  
Dry Density   x x  
Unit Dry Weight   x x  
Shear Strength   x x  
UU Shear Strength   x x  
Failure Strain   x x  
Confining Pressure   x x  
CMT   x x  
RQD   x x  
Compressive Strength   x x  
Core Time   x x  
Core Size   x x  
Hydraulic Conductivity   x x  
Run     x  
Drive     x  
SCR     x  
TCR     x  
Flush Return     x  
Fracture Spacing     x  
Fracture Index     x  
Munsell Code     x  
Degree of Weathering     x  
Rock Hardness     x  
Point Load Strength     x  
Discontinuity Dip Angle     x  
Discontinuity Type     x  
Discontinuity Spacing     x  
% Total Sulpher     x  
Fizz Rating     x  
Neutralization Potential     x  
Assay Results     x  
Penetration Rate     x x
Lost Circulation     x x
Ore Type     x x
Slough     x x
Lost Core     x x
Cored Intervals     x x
Geophysical Log Bitmaps       x
Estimated Bitumen       x
Lab Bitumen       x
Oil Shows       x
Oil Staining       x
Porosity Grade       x
Porosity Type       x
Drill Stem Tests       x
Grain Size       x
Structures       x
Framework       x
Constituents       x
Facies       x
Fossils       x
Members       x
Sorting       x
Cementation       x
Contacts       x
Rounding       x
Sorting       x
Formation Tops       x
Diagenesis       x
Spontaneous Potential       x
LogSleuth       x
Dipmeter       x
Resistivity Shallow       x
Resistivity Medium       x
Resistivity Deep       x
Induction Resistivity       x
Gamma       x
Caliper       x
Sonic       x
Density       x
Conductivity       x
Neutron Porosity       x
Alteration       x
Perforations       x
H2O Injection       x
Airlift Q       x
Fractures       x

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