GaeaSynergy Version 5 Released

Version 5 of GaeaSynergy (including the WinLoG, WinFence, EDMS and GDMS modules) has just been released. Some of the new features in this version are:

  • Licenses can be perpetual or subscription based.
  • Subscriptions can be annual, monthly, or weekly.
  • Subscriptions can be manually or automatically renewed.
  • Licenses can be purchased and registered in GaeaSynergy or the GaeaSynergy Network Monitor.
  • After purchase, licenses can be immediately added and used in GaeaSynergy.
  • Annual maintenance can be purchased and renewed as a subscription.
  • Industries no longer apply to the WinLoG and WinFence modules. These modules now have the features of all the industries.
  • Projects can be archived and retrieved from archives. This allows for the easier selection of current projects.
  • Cross-sections can be created manually instead of using the project map by specifying the distances between the boreholes/wells.
  • Instead of specifying depths they can also be picked on the borehole/well logs for lithology, text, text interval, USCS, and formation tops.
  • A USCS calculator can be used to determine the USCS classification in USCS and lithology columns in borehole/well logs.
  • Borehole data can be exported and imported to and from DIGGS (Data Interchange for Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Specialists) files.
  • New and improved exporting and importing of borehole data to gINT.
  • New and improved exporting and importing of borehole data to AGS.
  • Munsell colors can be specified for lithologies and samples.
  • In georeferenced projects a topographic map can automatically be created using elevations from Google.
  • When creating a new borehole/well in a georeferenced project the elevation is automatically entered using Google elevations.



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